Nigerian Suya Spice (Yaji)

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Nigerian Suya Spice
Nigerian Suya Spice is a combination of hot spices, herbs and a host of other ingredients. It is used to make any kind of suya recipe.

It is the essential ingredient for making Nigerian Suya, which means It determines the end result of your grilled meat.

Using roasted peanuts for your Nigerian Suya Spice is a big no, because there's too much oil in groundnuts and this will form a paste instead of powder when you grind it.

This is the major reason why the suya bought from the mae suyas, always taste better than the homemade ones you've been making.

It is important for all the ingredients to be in their right proportions, because the overall taste, texture and flavour of your Nigerian Suya Spice depends on it.

However, the stock cube and salt should be to your taste. This recipe should give you 190g of Nigerian Suya Spice.

Below is a detailed and easy Nigerian Suya Spice recipe.

Ingredients For Nigerian Suya Spice
• 5 tablespoons kuli kuli powder
• 5 tablespoons ginger powder
• 2 tablespoons dry cayenne pepper skin
• 10 strands Negro pepper
• 1 small stock cube
• ½ teaspoon salt

Directions For Nigerian Suya Spice
• To make kuli kuli, get some roasted groundnuts with the skin on and grind without water. Use a sieve or napkin to squeeze out the oil from it then mould into any shape and deep fry in vegetable oil until dry and brown.

• Pound or grind the kuli kuli into powder or put it in a plastic bag and crush with a blunt object. Open the dry cayenne pepper and remove the seeds (you only need the skin). Then grind into powder.

• To make ginger powder, grind some dried ginger into powder. Break the negro pepper into pieces and grind into powder. Crush the stock cube into powder and set aside.

• Now, put all the ingredients listed above in their respective proportions to a large bowl or tray and mix very well until they are all combined.

• After mixing, use a filter to sieve the suya spice in order to remove all fibre from the negro pepper and other ingredients that did not blend well.

• That's it, your best Nigerian Suya Spice is ready to be used in making any kind of suya.

• Store the Nigerian Suya Spice by putting it in containers or plastic bags then keep in the freezer. It can last for several months without getting spoilt and will still retain its taste and flavour.

• Please share and leave a comment below, and don't forget to give me feedback on how your Nigerian Suya Spice turned out.



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