Nigerian Tomapep Puree

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Tomapep Puree
Tomapep Puree is a base for almost all Nigerian foods. It is a blend of tomatoes, peppers and a host of other ingredients together.

It has a great versatility and makes cooking easier and saves time too. The aim of tomapep puree is to get a pipping red coloured sauce for your cookings.

Boil the tomapep puree on high heat if you want to keep it for a couple of days. But if you intend to store and use it for a couple of months, then make sure to boil on low heat, to prevent it from getting sour.

Your cooking time will be determined by the quantity of ingredients you are using, so feel free to adjust the recipe to your taste.

Below is a detailed and easy tomapep puree recipe for you to follow.

Ingredients For Making Tomapep Puree
• 5 red bell peppers
• 4 habanero peppers
• 10 chilli peppers
• 20 big plum tomatoes
• 3 medium-sized onions
• 3 medium fresh ginger
• 5 big pieces garlic
• 1 cup vegetable oil

Directions For Making Tomapep Puree
• Peel the ginger, garlic and onions. Then wash them with the peppers, tomatoes and any other ingredients you want to add. Now, grind or blend everything to a smooth paste.

• In a pot, add some vegetable oil and pour the blended mixture into it immediately, (don’t heat the oil). If you heat the oil, the tomapep puree will start to fry instead of boil.

• Boil the tomapep puree on low heat for 1 hour and 30 minutes, depending on the consistency you want then allow to cool and pour into an airtight container.

• Store the tomapep puree in the freezer and use it to make Nigerian Chicken Stew, Fish Stew, Jollof Rice or any other recipe that requires red tomato sauce. Enjoy!

• Please share and leave a comment below, and don't forget to give me feedback on how your tomapep puree turned out.



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